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World Cup 2014 – Don’t Come to Brazil | New World Order in Brazil



Jun 19

World Cup 2014 – Don’t Come to Brazil

This video was recorded right before the recent protests started, but with all of this going on, it becomes even more evident that the World Cup and the Olympics should not be our priority. The world has to know about what’s really going on. Please share #changebrazil


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  1. avramel

    Well… in order to have money for infrastructure, healthcare, education, you have to make investments. The Brazilian economy will have a lot to gain from the World Cup… and, those stadiums will be used again, don’t worry.

    1. terqtq

      LIES you are an agent of the oppressors and an enemy of the cause. The privatized interests of the corporate elite are not the interests of the people. And it is the interests of the people that must be sustained and invested upon, not the illusionary debt driven spreadsheets that only serve to prolong this cycle of indentured servitude.

      You sir would be the first one up against the wall.

  2. Fabio

    You are completely wrong. But I gave up trying to explain how the democratic dictatorship of Brazil works, only Brazilians can understand. Foreigners are completely stupid when it’s not about them.

    The tax money never comes back to the population. NEVER.

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