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Jul 01

Who is Shaking Up Brazil and Why

The mass street protests in Brazil continue. Most of the protesters do not belong to any party and have no leaders with whom the authorities could negotiate about the demands being made. It all began with a flare-up of discontent among Brazilians from the middle class and residents of poor neighborhoods with a hike in …

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Sep 22

Forced vaccination "theoretically" possible in UK, government admits

Iain MiGillivray has received a response to his freedom of information request to the department of health in England concerning whether forced vaccinations are possible in the UK under current laws. Information Commissioner says it “might theoretically be possible to introduce a mandatory vaccination scheme in some exceptional circumstances under the CCA.” The Civil Continegencies …

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Jun 02

Ron Paul on North Corea affair

A voice of sanity, Ron Paul talks about the foreign policy regarding Corea. Share this: