I’ve been researching for almost 2 years about the new world order and the way we are manipulated. Because of the lacking of information in portuguese I decided to create a blog in blogspot called anovaordemmundial.com where I started to spread the word about the reality behind the news. Initially started with the H1N1 pandemic flu, and from there ended up covering the inter-related  subjects that now make the most of the blog.

After a while, the blog anovaordemmundial reached the number 1 result for google searches on “nova ordem mundial”, or “”new world order in portuguese. Because of a mistake of mine, during a transfer of the domain from google to another domain registrar, I lost the domain, and had to pay $1.000 dollars to get it back, but I thought it was a price worth to pay to keep people in Brazil well informed. After setting it back, I decided to break the dependency on google’s blogspot and created my own blog blog.antinovaordemmundial.com, based on wordpress platform.

During this time, I managed to inform hundreds of thousands of brazilians about the new world order, but I also realised that very rarely news from Brazil are covered by independent media. Brazil has being portrayed by the mainstream media as up and coming economy with a very democratic government, which is definitelly not the case.  With this in mind, I decided to create a blog in english with the aim to expose the totalitarian actions of the Brazilian government. Brazil government has been sistematically  increasing its control over its population: ID cards, voting machines with fingerprint  scanner, RFID chips and GPS tracker in cars are just a few aspects of the overwhelming control imposed ont he brazilian population. Brazil also one of the biggest GMO fields of the world, and a place where the big-pharma has huge profits. There was also a black-out in the brazilian media regarding the latest events on the global warming field. Unfortunately, a huge mount of the brazilian population still believe into the fable of the anthropogenic global warming.

As you see , content for this blog will never lack. Don’t hesited to participate. Please leave your opinion, question, doubts.

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  1. Marnie

    I bow down humbly in the presence of such grsentase.

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  2. http://www./

    look who’s kicking you out of your house it’s not al qaida it’s not muslims it’s the bankers lol why are you even in this mess get your troops out the middle east and get your shit together stop living in that bubble those elites created

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  3. AmyeQ

    Hello I fancy I’ve met you before? My contact information in my profile


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  4. http://www.cvhscrosscountry.com/

    mengatakan:ongko kirim kalau tiki perkilo 17 rb…selain aki bisakalau paket pakai kapal cepat perkilo 5 rbuan..pemasangan belum termasuk tergantung lokasi

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  5. pain and suffering claim

    That’s 2 clever by half and 2×2 clever 4 me. Thanks!

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