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Mar 30

Brazil: Child of less than 2 years dies after taking the Swine Flu Vaccine

Itaituba, Brazil – In Fordlandia, southwest of Pará, Brazil, it was recorded the death of a baby, only 1 year and 4 months after application of vaccine against the H1N1 strain. In the last Tuesday (23rd/March), the boy received the first dose of vaccine and hours later started to feel ill. According to information the …

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Nov 28

Poster and leafleting campaign against swine flu vaccine hits hospitals in UK – BBC radio reports

A campaign group against the swine flu vaccine have been warning the public in the West-Midlands via a poster and leafleting campaign. They have been putting the posters up in hospitals and giving leaflets out to the general public. This is reported on BBC radio, where they have a doctor speak in defence of the …

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Oct 13

Irrefutable Truth: WHO Changed the Pandemic Criteria to Match Any Virus

I have seen this video a while ago, which I posted in my main blog in portuguese, but since a few people were doubting on the words of this epidemiologist, I decided to search for the proof myself. Basically he tells that the criteria to declare an epidemic changed in may/2009, so that a minor …

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Sep 17

Soldier, Former State Trooper Speak Out On Forced Vaccinations

In the video below, a soldier claims she has trained with California police to set-up checkpoints and force vaccinations on the public. Those who refuse will be boarded on a bus and taken to a concentration camp. She includes a photo of an RFID device she claims will be used to track people and materiel. …

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