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Jun 09

Brazil´s Employment Website Offered Tips for Those Wishing to Attempt Prostitution

Brazil’s anti-HIV policies were recognised globally as a success in the 1990s According to the locals, it’s the bar capital of the world, with more than 12,000 catering for the five million citizens of Brazil’s third city. Others will recall Belo Horizonte as the scene of England’s most humiliating football defeat, when a hearse driver …

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May 16

Rio ‘Robocops’ Resemble Police From Dystopian Classic ‘Brazil’

Life imitates art as militarized forces prepare for World Cup 400 ‘Robocop’ style military police set to patrol the World Cup in Brazil next month closely resemble the cops depicted in Terry Gilliam’s cult 1985 classic film Brazil, in which a totalitarian government rules a dystopian society with a bureaucratic iron fist. “The men are …

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Jun 19

World Cup 2014 – Don’t Come to Brazil

This video was recorded right before the recent protests started, but with all of this going on, it becomes even more evident that the World Cup and the Olympics should not be our priority. The world has to know about what’s really going on. Please share #changebrazil Share this:

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